Crucifix - Sculpture by Boleslas Biegas.

Sculpture by Boleslas Biegas.
Late 19th century Polish sculptor.

Crucifix, c. 1900.

Photo from Emporium, 1903.
Scan courtesy of Professor Jeffrey Howe.




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Crucifix, c. 1900 - Sculpture by late 19th century Polish sculptor, Boleslas Biegas.  Photograph from Emporium, 1903; scan courtesy of Dr. Jeffery Howe, Professor of Art History, Boston College.  This photo was located from, Digital Archive of Art - Online Images of Boston College; used by permission of Dr. Jeffery Howe - photo may not be reproduced without written permission.

Boston College - Fine Arts Department,
Digital Archive of Art, Online Images of Boston College.


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