Fireworks Crucifix
Photograph by Steve Montgomery

Firework was lit by Eric Sanders
Photo was used by permission of Brett Simonsen

Fireworks Crucifix.

The Crosses above are from a picture that was taken on August 18th of 2001.  The Left Cross is from the St. John's Lutheran Church lighted bell tower.  The Right Cross has somehow appeared from a fireworks cake that misfired, shooting only one shell instead of five.  It is amazing how much it looks like a Crucifix.  If you look closely at the center of the Cross you will see a face and arms.  This fireworks misfire occurred during a Centennial fireworks display at the St. John's Lutheran Church's annual Block Party.

Fly-By-Night Fireworks display.

Crucifix fireworks and St. John's Lutheran Church - Norfolk, NE.


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Fireworks Crucifix photograph by Steve Montgomery.  Used by permission of Brett Simonsen; photo may not be reproduced without written permission.

Fireworks text courtesy of Brett Simonsen.  Thanks goes to Brett for allowing me to share this wonderful photograph on this web site.

Mysterious Fireworks Cross,

St. John's Lutheran Church,
1300 West Benjamin Ave.,
Norfolk, NE 68701-2621



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