Poppies for the victims of war, The Netherlands - photo by Robert van den Berge.

Photograph by Robert van den Berge

Poppies for the victims of war - Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
- from a series on the funeral of a Canadian WW II soldier

The remains of Pte. Victor Howey were laid to rest at the Canadian War Cemetery.  Pte. Howey was lost in battle during World War II and his body was discovered in a field at Kapelse Veer in the south of Holland more than 50 years after the war had ended.



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Poppies for the victims of war - (from the series of photographs on the funeral of Canadian World War II soldier, Pte. Victor Howey - Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands) - photograph by Robert van den Berge.  Used by permission of Robert van den Berge; photo may not be reproduced without written permission of the photographer.

Robert van den Berge - Photojournalist, The Netherlands.


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