Portola-Crespi Cross Monument.

Portolá-Crespi Cross Monument
Seaside, California.

Manipulated photo by © Eric Shindelbower

In the winter of 1769, the Spanish expedition in search of Monterey Bay, under the command of Don Caspar de Portolá and Father Juan Crespi, erected a cross on or near this site and left the following message: The land expedition is returning to San Diego for lack of provisions today, December 9, 1769.

This Monument was dedicated December 9, 1969, by the citizens of Monterey in honor of our 200th Birthday.


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Portolá-Crespi Cross Monument, Seaside, CA; photograph by © Eric Shindelbower.  Photo may not be reproduced without written permission of the photographer.  Thanks goes to Larry Gerry for his assistance in helping me to make this image.


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