Proof it is possible to Dream The Future

Written by George Butler

As The Great Singer and Comedian MAX BYGRAVES would say, I WANT TO TELL YOU A STORY!!!  Although of the stories that Max told, many were true and many were not, but all were extremely entertaining.  'HOWEVER,' my story which follows, as God is my Judge, is absolutely true, whether entertaining or not I wouldn't know, but it proves most certainly, THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO DREAM THE FUTURE; other than to dream the winner of the next big race, which proves nothing. 

I take you back to 1947, having gone through World War Two in the Army; on discharge I went back to sea, making a few voyages as a crewman in two or three different ships.  During one of these voyages I would quite often take an afternoon siesta being off duty, and one particular afternoon, after dozing off I had a vivid dream, although I am not often prone to dreaming at all. 

I dreamed that I walked along the deck and came across another member of the crew fishing over the side of the ship.  I asked what he hoped to catch, and was told a CATFISH for the crucifix it has inside. Thinking he was trying to be funny, at that moment he got a bite, I stood in my dream and watched him land a fish.  No one can imagine my amazement, when he opened up this fish and pulled from inside a little gold cross on a fine gold chain like many people wear around their necks. 

So much for the fact that I had a rather silly dream, and thought no more of it until the very next afternoon.  And may I stress at this point in my story.  THIS NEXT DAY WAS IN THE FUTURE relative of course to YESTERDAY!  THE DAY BEFORE!  This was the day after I had had that weird dream, and here I was ambling along the deck to where I could see a member of the crew fishing over the side of the ship.  I approached him and asked him what he hoped to catch.  I still thought nothing of this UNTIL this guy answered, A CATFISH FOR THE CRUCIFIX!!!!! 

I know I went cold around the back of my neck, but as far as I remember I said no more, I just watched him take a fish off the hook and heard him say something like, YOU CAN HAVE THIS ONE AND I'LL CATCH ANOTHER!  With bated breath I watched this guy slam the fish's head on the deck then calmly carve away all the fish from what turned out to be it's skull bone, as I learned later.  He handed this to me telling me to go scrub the bone clean and I would see the crucifix on the inside!  Sure enough there it was, BUT at this time I was more perplexed as to the fact that I HAD DREAMED THE FUTURE. AND AND, I had dreamed something before it ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!  AND NO WAY CAN ANYONE TWIST THAT AROUND TO MAKE IT FIT THE SITUATION.

Sail Catfish Skull.
Front of sail catfish skull - "Crucifix Fish."

Of all the fishes in the sea
our Lord chose the lowly sailcat
to remind us of his misery.

His body on the cross is outlined.
The hilt of the sword
that was plunged into his side
is clearly defined.

Look at the back of the fish’s bone.
The Roman shield is shown.
When you shake the cross
you will hear the dice being tossed
for our Lord’s blood stained dress.
Those who can hear them
will be blessed.

- Conrad S. Lantz


Sail Catfish Skull.
Back of sail catfish skull.



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