Roadside Memorials
A Photographic Documentary by Bill Sampson

I had been passing the memorials for quite some time before I actually got out of the car and photographed one.  Every time I passed one of the homemade shrines, my mind would return to that same place, and the feeling would creep through my body.  Who was this person?  What happened there?  What went wrong?  Whose family received that dreaded late night call we've all thought about at one time or another?     - Bill Sampson

Kimberly Ann Albertson roadside memorial - photo by Bill Sampson.

Kimberly Ann Albertson - October 1, 1976  October 10, 1996
Memorial image by Bill Sampson


Shawna Cherveny roadside memorial - photo by Bill Sampson.

Shawna Cherveny - August 1, 1974  August 31, 1998
Memorial image by Bill Sampson


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"Hallowed Ground" memorial exhibition piece for Troy Gravedoni. In September of 2000, the photo-documentary "Hallowed Ground" opened at the Oasis Gallery in Marquette, Michigan.  The current exhibit consists of twenty-five pieces.  Fifteen, 35" x 46" natural pine, hand constructed cross shaped frames.  The information gathered within the Plexiglas protected frame consist of a 11" x 14" black and white memorial image, color photograph of the person, personal artifacts and written information mostly supplied by the families.  Also included within the exhibit are ten, 16" x 20" black & white memorial images framed in hand constructed pine and Plexiglas.  If you would like to obtain more information on how you can schedule "Hallowed Ground" in your community Please contact Bill Sampson at 906-249-4552.



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Bill Sampson quote from The Artist's Statement, Roadside Memorials - A Photographic Documentary, courtesy of the Roadside Memorials web site.

Kimberly Ann Albertson & Shawna Cherveny memorial images by Bill Sampson.  Photo used by permission of Bill Sampson and can not be used without written permission of the photographer.

Troy Gravedoni, "Hallowed Ground" A Photographic Documentary exhibition piece Bill Sampson.  Used by permission of Bill Sampson and can not be used without written permission of the copyright holder.

Roadside Memorial - A Photographic Documentary
Photographs by Bill Sampson


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