The Millennium Memorial - Kolobrzeg, Poland - Sculpture by Wiktor Szostalo.

Sculpture by 2000 Wiktor Szostalo

The Millennium Memorial - Kolobrzeg, Poland.
Welded Stainless Steel

Commissioned by the city of Kolobrzeg, Poland to commemorate 1000 years of Christianity in NW Poland.  It is also a tribute to Polish-German Reconciliation.

Notice at the top of the sculpture is a dove with an olive branch, flying through The Cross, holding the two sides together.





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The Millennium Memorial - Kolobrzeg, Poland - Sculpture by 2000 Wiktor Szostalo.  Used by permission of Wiktor Szostalo; photo may not be reproduced without prior written permission of the sculptor.

Wiktor Szostalo - Sculptor
Continuing A Tradition of Innovation in Religious Art


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