Kennamer Cove Trading Post
Woodville, Alabama
Photographs by Eric Shindelbower

Kennamer's Cross.

This Cross was constructed from old barn wood by Steve Kennamer.  The wood was from an old barn that belonged to a distant family relative.  Steve tore down the barn to rebuild it on his property.  This wood was stored in the rebuilt barn, just waiting to become the Cross it is today.

Kennamer Cove Trading Post.

Kennamer Cove Trading Post
This photo shows the inside front wall of building.

The building of the Trading Post was completed in five years.  The owner, Steve Kennamer, along with his son, Chris, have spent hundreds of hours, painstakingly adding detail after detail to make it truly a work of art.

Steve's dad, Denton Kennamer, cut all of the cedar over a period of three summers to be used in the store.  A portable saw mill was used to cut the cedar.  He, along with other family members have had a hand in it, whether it was staining and sealing the wood, hanging photographs, organizing the antique pieces, or cleaning - It was a family effort.


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Thanks goes to Steve and Cheryl Kennamer, owners of the Kennamer Cove Trading Post, for their hospitality and allowing me to display these photos.  Their kindness will always be remembered.

The Old Rugged Cross and Trading Post history text courtesy of Steve and Cheryl Kennamer; this information was copied from a brochure about the Kennamer Cove Trading Post.

Kennamer Cove Trading Post - photographs by Eric Shindelbower.  Images may not be reproduced without prior written permission of Steve or Cheryl Kennamer.

Kennamer Cove Trading Post,
8327 Cathedral Caverns Highway,
Woodville, Alabama 35776
(256) 728-4545


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