The Ossuary in Sedlec
(where human bones become art)

Sculpture by Frantisek Rindt
Photos and text courtesy Frisco's Sedlec Ossuary web site

The Sedlec Ossuary (a.k.a. Kostnice) is a small Christian chapel decorated with human bones.  It is located in Sedlec which is a suburb in the outskirts of the Czech town Kutna Hora.

The Shwartzenberg Family Coat of Arms - The Sedlec Ossuary.

The Shwartzenberg Family Coat of Arms.
Photo by Lubos Stiburek and Ivan Ulrych.


Decoration - The Sedlec Ossuary.

Photo by hackerzeven, Mark Bennett, John Morse.




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The Ossuary in Sedlec, Kutna Hora - Sculpture by Frantisek Rindt.  The Shwartzenberg Family Coat of Arms photo by Lubos Stiburek and Ivan Ulrych.  Wall decoration photo by hackerzeven, Mark Bennett and John Morse.  Photograph and Text courtesy of Frisco's Sedlec Ossuary web site.  Used by permission of Frisco Ramirez; photos and text may not be reproduced without prior written permission of Frisco Ramirez.


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