"The Triumph Over Calvary" - Bronze sculpture by Richard Troy Thorpe.
Bronze sculpture by Richard Troy Thorpe

"The Triumph Over Calvary"
(42"H x 10"W x 10"L)

Artist Statement:
I was motivated to do this because I wanted to portray the "Jesus Being Crucified " differently than it had been done before.  It seemed as though all such representations depict Jesus as defeated, beaten down and conquered.  In this work I try and show Jesus as having fulfilled his purpose, to have triumphed in what he had set out to do and to be returning to heaven victorious.

Detail of bronze sculpture - "The Triumph Over Calvary."

At the time I was finishing this piece, a six year old girl (Kayla Rolland) was shot dead in her first grade class by a fellow student.  This stuck me in an especially poignant way and I decided to incorporate her into this piece in memory of her and others whose lives have been tragically cut short.  She can be seen  at the right foot of Christ.  - R. Troy Thorpe





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"The Triumph Over Calvary" - Bronze sculpture by Richard Troy Thorpe.  Photographs used by permission of R. Troy Thorpe; images may not be reproduced without written permission of the artist.  Artist Statement courtesy of R. Troy Thorpe.

Richard Troy Thorpe - Sculpture In Bronze


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